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We make tough things simple to understand.

As an experienced presentation consulting firm, Z-Axis understands the essence of what drives a successful outcome in court.  Our experts help attorneys unlock the power of their case strategies by collaborating with them to build a solid story and illustrate their arguments into a persuasive, concise and compelling presentation.  Ultimately, this process yields better results.

  • Our company and our team remains a constant in our industry where companies and people come and go.
  • We are most often hired as experts on the team because of our depth of experience.  We’ll collaborate, challenge and question you to help you refine your strategy as we illustrate it.
  • Our strategists skills go beyond the norm which explains why on occasion we have provided forensics and been deposed.
  • Our clients appreciate the expertise they find at Z-Axis because they know we can take the ball and run with it.
  • The know how to bid a job accurately and how to stay on budget.
  • Our talented team is well versed in the intricacies of litigation and the application of communications tools so we  don’t have to waste time or learn the business on your dime.
  • We are highly trained and well prepared to meet the demands of any legal presentation environment.  We can take you all the way to trial or help you with strategy that keeps you out of the courtroom.