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You tell the story; We illustrate it.

To help you get a favorable outcome for your client, we customize technology to create strong visuals with you and your audience in mind. Different mediums are used for different situations. They may be used independently or in combination to create a comprehensive multi-media presentation.

Our production staff develops your presentation with the guidance of the strategist who supervises your project from concept through completion. Working virtually is nothing new to us. We’ve been working with clients around the world since our beginning.

Our production services include:


Our animators use a variety of software to create 2D or 3D animations, depending on what we need to communicate. 2D animations are frequently used in tutorials to show movement such as groundwater flows, chemical formulas, or the flow of money.

Information Graphics

Information graphics is a term used to represent charts, diagrams, graphs, tables, maps and lists. Information graphics, frequently in the form of PowerPoint slides, are commonly used in hearings, arbitrations and trials.

Interactive Animations

An interactive animation is a pre-designed program that gives the user more control and flexibility over presenting information. An interactive presentation used for a legal presentation to the court might include documents, 2D and 3D animation, graphics, photography, video, timelines and more.


Models have been used in courtrooms for decades and there are numerous types of models available, physical models, 3D models and virtual models, depending on the case and the strategy. Models can be as beneficial in preparing the case as they are in presenting it.


Every case tells a story and since stories typically unfold as a chronology of events, timelines are relevant to nearly every case. Timelines are as useful in case preparation as they are when it comes to presenting the case. In either scenario, a timeline clarifies the order in which something occurred. They are also useful in comparing events like in a construction suit that compares what actually happened v. what was supposed to happen. The timeline design is as varied as the medium which can be anything from a simple exhibit board or PowerPoint slide to a complex interactive timeline with multiple layers.

Video Production & Photography

Video and photographs have many purposes in legal presentations. They can stand alone as the sole visual presentation medium or they can be used along with graphics and animations to give a real-life connection to the dispute.