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Effective strategy requires knowing something about your audience and making sure they “see” your message in the same way you do.

This is where we come in…

Communicating is hard to do. We all know from experience how difficult it is to actually communicate with someone. Yet many believe that communicating in public is easy. All we need to do is create the right “messages,” then everyone will think like we do. If only it were that simple. When you add complicated technologies and legal issues to the mix, communication becomes even more complicated.

Our people are a resource you can’t afford not to use. We offer a fresh perspective that allows us to pull the most crucial ideas from you and your experts and turn them into a convincing visual argument.

Our strategists work with you and your experts to help formulate your arguments.  In some instances we actually build visuals and modelsfor case preparation. By actually “seeing” your case unfold as you are preparing if, you will becomes more aware of your strengths, areas of weakness and your ultimate strategy, be it an early settlement, or a huge victory at trial.

We provide you with much more than a creative team of lawyers, engineers, artists and animators.  An analysis of possible solutions is conducted and options are presented to you.  Through discussions with you and your experts, the case themes and issues are solidified and our overall design strategy is established and ready to be created.