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Opus 2 Magnum™ – Overview

Developed by the original creators of LiveNote, Opus 2 Magnum™ is a truly unique and easy-to-use cloud-based workspace from which legal teams can access, manage and collaborate on case content from pre-deposition preparation all the way to trial.  Replacing the need to wrestle with multiple platforms and manual processes following the e-discovery review stage, Opus 2 Magnum provides a centralized solution for the entire team. No other single platform delivers the same breadth of capabilities across documents, transcripts, exhibits and video.


Partnership Statement

Opus2Magnum_KeyTools_ThumbZ-Axis, LLC is one of an elite group of litigation service providers in the US who have been chosen as an Opus 2 Magnum Partner. When you use Opus 2 Magnum during the cases for which [Partner Company Name] is managing your Trial presentation needs, we can upload content into Magnum for your review as we collaborate on creating your demonstratives and more.

Opus2Magnum KeyTools US.pdf

Key Capabilities


  • First-of-its-kind Hyperlinking tool – allowing users to easily connect and view the relationship between documents, transcripts and more.
  • First-of-its-kind Transcripts Designations tool – fully featured tool allowing for the creation, import and export of designations as well as helpful designations reporting.
  • First-of-its-kind Custom Binder tool – allowing for the creation of witness binders, trial exhibits and more, and paired with an easy to use PDF export feature.
  • First-of-its-kind Annotations tool – offering a new level of collaboration that keeps work product with the actual documents and transcripts.

Key Benefits


  • Accessibility – log in from anywhere at any time and via any device (iPad, Mac, PC, tablet, etc.)
  • Simplicity – easy to use interface designed for attorneys to use with only 15 minutes training required
  • Collaboration – share strategic analysis and feedback with team members, co-counsel or your client
  • Case focus – allows lawyers and their case teams to focus on the substantive work of managing your matter
  • One single solution – eliminates the distractions of dealing with multiple, disparate platforms and the complications that come with that practice
  • Overall cost savings – for your client through the use of a single platform that also enhances your ability to provide the most effective representation.