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Q. Are you a graphics firm?

A. We are a visual communications firm that specializes in the development of visual strategies for complex legal disputes.  Our experts provide expertise in strategy, graphics, multi-media, animation and scientific forensics work. We use the latest in courtroom technology and if it doesn’t exist, we develop it.  So you see, we’re much more than a graphics company.

Q. If I have someone who does my PowerPoint presentations in-house, why do I need you?

A. We are actually another expert on your team, and our specialty is converting your facts into compelling arguments. We know how to best make your demonstrative evidence work effectively to communicate your message to reflect your case strategy. We’re not order takers who create your PowerPoint. We’re communications partners on your team to give you the best visual communications advice to win your case.

Q. Do you have a local office in my city? I prefer to work with locals.

A. We work effectively anywhere and our clients are everywhere. Our trial specialists are scattered in offices throughout the US and the UK to service you. We also have local artists in various markets and can send our onsite team to any location. We have an effective, streamlined system for working with clients that makes location a non-issue. With today’s technology it’s easy to work virtually anywhere.

Q. How do you work with clients who are not in your headquarters city of Denver?

A. Easily. We have trial presentations specialists throughout the US who manage your account. We assign a strategist from our headquarters to see your project through from start to finish. We also can provide you with trial presentation operators and artists onsite, from your warroom to the courtroom, anytime their skills are needed, to work side by side with you. Our production, feedback and editing process is conducted via private extranet sites for efficiency, even if you’re located down the street, rather than in London. We’ve “virtually” been conducting business this way for nearly 30 years and it works for us and our clients. Besides, it’s rough when a client has to visit us in “Colorful Colorado.”

Q. Have you worked on any big cases?

A. We sure have been fortunate to have been on the winning trial teams for cases including the World Trade Center – 9-11 insurance trial, the Oklahoma City Bombing trials, the Eolas patent case against Microsoft, the USA v. Tobacco Industry RICO case, the state Tobacco cases and much more.

Q. Do you only work on big cases?

A. While many of our cases are large, high profile cases, they are not all the biggest. We work on cases where the stakes are high and the outcome is crucial to our clients. They come to us when they know that their visual presentation needs to be as strong as the evidence and when visuals are needs to explain complex issues, no matter what the size.

Q. How can the same firm specialize in cases involving airline disasters and terrorist attacks also specialize in patent and IP work?

A. It’s easy. It’s not about specializing in one industry. It’s about specializing in presentations. We offer attorneys of any field of law our best talent and strategy to make complex issues simple for the judge or jury through visual communications.

Q. Do you do any government work?

A. Yes we do. We have represented the Department of Justice many times. We also have worked with opposing counsel. The DOJ respects our work and we learn something new every time we work with them. Because we do both corporate and government work, we can utilize the best of the technology and presentation techniques learned from each discipline to help our next client, whomever they may be.

Q. In what fields of law have you worked?

A. Just about any you can think of. Areas include: Insurance, Tax, Commercial, Biotechnology, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Aviation, Construction, Patent, Environmental.

Q. You offer the full scale of presentation services. Do I have to use you for everything or can I pick and choose?

A. It really depends on your needs. Certainly, we enjoy working on a trial presentation from start to finish – strategy to verdict – while providing our menu of services from consulting, graphics/multimedia to onsite support. We will however assist you with any and every service we can provide from our menu, without requiring you to use us from A to Z.