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Z-Axis is a visual communications firm, which specializes in demonstrative evidence and trial presentation technology for some of the largest, most complex cases in the United States, and abroad. It combines innovative thinking and proven experience to help its clients – some of the top legal minds in the country – present their case and win.

The Z-Axis team has a 30-year history of leadership and has been nationally recognized for its excellence as an industry pioneer and leader in courtroom technology, as well as an innovator in interactive courtroom animation.

Z-Axis has produced visual presentations for historic, high-profile, high-stakes legal cases such as the Oklahoma City bombing trials, Honeywell vs. Minolta (the largest U.S. patent case), and the Crash of Delta Flight 191.

Combining a veteran’s eye for strategy with the latest technological advancements, the Z-Axis team has a reputation for creating visual communications tools and producing presentations that are second to none.

With a specialization in cases involving technology, patents, aviation, engineering and construction, disasters and catastrophic events, it’s no wonder that Z-Axis was chosen to produce visual presentations and computer animated re-enactments of the events of 9/11 for a multibillion-dollar insurance dispute over the destruction of the World Trade Center.


Z-Axis was founded in Colorado in 1983.


Alan Treibitz – Co-founder and CEO
Stephanie Kelso – President


Headquartered in Denver, CO in the Denver Technological Center; with sales and customer service offices in Denver, New York, Washington DC, California, Houston and London.

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