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Mr. Alan Treibitz, is CEO of Z-Axis and one of its founders. In addition to his management responsibilities, he has been involved in Z-Axis’ most high-profile cases since the company’s inception in 1983. Considered to be one of the leading litigation presentation strategists in the United States, he has advised on nearly five hundred cases during his career.  Alan has played a key role in developing new courtroom presentation technology.  He holds a patent in the field of presentation technology for a method for controlling multiple remote display devices.

Alan works with trial teams to develop case strategies that visually present a compelling argument to the jury. He consults on a wide variety of high-profile disputes including intellectual property, antitrust, contractual disputes, international tax matters, fraud, insurance matters and aviation cases. Cases of note include the crash of Delta 191 at Dallas-Ft. Worth, Northwest 255 in Detroit, United 232 in Sioux City, Honeywell v. Minolta, Eolas v Microsoft, the United States v Timothy McVeigh and United States v. Terry Nichols, BCBS and State of Minnesota v Philip Morris et al, the United States v The Tobacco Industry, Pfizer Bextra national product liability case, Oracle v. SAP.

Alan frequently lectures on the strategic design and use of visual communications tools in court. He has spoken to the Conference of Chief Justices, the International Bar Association, the Royal Aeronautical Society, the Cambridge Institute, the Patent Resources Group and numerous legal organizations in the United States and the United Kingdom.


Stephanie Kelso, President of Z-Axis, has been with the company since 1993. In addition to her leadership responsibilities, her experience includes developing strategic visual communication for attorneys, corporations and government.  She has worked with national law firms over the years in a variety of law areas including aviation, environmental, intellectual property, commercial and tobacco litigation.

Ms. Kelso’s background is in visual communication and electronic graphic production.  Prior to joining Z-Axis, she worked in business development and in management with the nation’s largest computer graphics hardware and production services company that co-developed PowerPoint with Microsoft. While there, she worked on the initial product launch for PowerPoint for Windows, training account executives in 22 cities.

Ms. Kelso speaks to law firms and associations, such as, sections of the American Bar Association, Lex Mundi, American Inns of Court and IASTED International Conference for Law and Technology.  She has written articles for publications including:  “The Journal of Applied Fire Science”, “The New York Law Journal” and the “Judges Journal”.  She has also been interviewed for such publications as “The New York Times”, “Wall Street Journal,” “Computer Graphics World”, “California Lawyer” and “The Rocky Mountain News.”

RAYMOND HAUSCHEL – National Accounts Manager

Mr. Hauschel is Vice President of Sales and a managing partner of Z-Axis.  He has been with the company since shortly after its inception.  His in-depth understanding of this industry is extensive and exceeded by few.  He has been instrumental in building the industry by educating litigators on the benefits of having a solid strategic visual presentation to clarify and create compelling arguments for judge and jury.

Mr. Hauschel has worked with law firms nationwide as well as the Department of Justice.  He has managed litigation projects in nearly all areas of law including intellectual property, environmental, product liability, tax and commercial, and aviation as well as personal injury and medical malpractice.  He is currently focusing on the government market.  Prior to working in litigation support, he worked with animation for industrial and commercial applications.

Mr. Hauschel’s responsibilities as head of business development includes giving frequent lectures to law firms, corporate legal departments and professional legal associations including the American Inns of Court, the American Bar Association, AIPLA Mid-Winter meeting 2004 (“What Every Lawyer Should Know on How to Conduct a trial in the Digital Decade”, Mock Trial Participant), Los Angeles Intellectual Property Law Association 2004 (“The Use of Visuals at Markman Hearings” with Judge Susan Ilston).

GARY FREED – Visual Strategy Consultant/Senior Producer

Gary L. Freed is a Senior Producer for Z-Axis and he has been with the company for 28 years.  Gary is experienced in electronics, video systems design, computer graphics, engineering, and production of computer animation for use in the courtroom.  He is responsible for supervising all engineering, technical, and scientific aspects of Z-Axis’ internal systems and he leads the research and development on new presentation technologies for the courtroom.

Gary uses his engineering and scientific training to interpret technical material and transform it into presentations for courtroom use in aviation cases, complex and highly technical intellectual property cases and large multi-party insurance litigation.  He has been instrumental in solving technical communication challenges for trial teams that have set precedent in the courtroom and in the industry. The techniques that Mr. Freed invented to visually communicate the events leading up to the crash of Delta 191 have set the standard for courtroom communication.  The forensic analysis he conducted for the World Trade Center litigation was instrumental to the trial team’s case.

Prior to joining Z-Axis, he was employed by Ampex Corporation, a major video equipment manufacturer.  While at Ampex, he was a Systems Test Engineer responsible for writing test procedures and designing test equipment for the company’s latest professional videotape recorders.  During his tenure at Z-Axis, Mr. Freed has created hundreds of video and animated productions for use in court.