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An Experienced Team with a Winning Attitude

An industry leader in the advancement of courtroom presentation and technology since 1983, we have developed presentations for some of the largest, high profile cases in modern history.  Our presentations have set precedents and many of our innovative technical applications have become today’s industry standards. You will not find a company with greater industry knowledge or ability to solve unique technical or communication challenges than Z-Axis.

Z-Axis specializes in strategic legal communication, integrating static and electronic demonstrative evidence, forensic animation, trial presentation technology and on-site support.  Our expertise is in solving complex communication challenges be they technical or complex subject matter issues and we have the results to prove it.

We have collaborated as experts with law firms, expert organizations, and corporate and government entities to help them communicate the details of complex situations, procedures and events with a clear and compelling visual presentation.

We stay ahead of the litigation technology curve in order to help people utilize the best communications strategy and technology to present their specific cases to their unique audiences.

Time and again, we have proven ourselves to be industry leaders in courtroom technology and innovators in courtroom animation. Just ask us.